This is How

This is how he loved you, in spoken riddles and an endless waltz around his feelings;

This is how you ignored it, because he could do no wrong in your eyes; In fact, just a second of his attention was enough to make you swoon for days on end; This is how love turned into benign neglect, even his shadow could light up your eyes; This is how your mother became a stranger, as did everyone else who opposed this unholy union; This is how you met him beneath the moon each and every night; This is how you gave him your heart, he left you soon after; This is how you learned to keep everything in, your heart began to ooze sticky black tar through your body; This is how you became poison; This is how you cried, stifled, silent, sobbing that blended days into weeks, weeks into months, and months into a year—two years actually; This is how you searched for him in every boy you met; and left to your own devices, this is how you’ll find your way back to him, just like you always do. Isn’t this what you wanted?

By Deirdre


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