Empty Skies: New Experiences

the sun kissed the corners of my house each day at the same time. my mother’s voice echoed through the air as she called for me.

i kept my eyes glued to the vast, seemingly empty sky. my body was paralyzed on the grass and i could feel it tickle against my legs. my mind was beyond my surroundings. saved images of you crept through my mind and with the slight touch of my finger on my bottom lip, i could almost feel yours attached to it. your light mahogany orbs stared into mine. and god, i wanted that back; i wanted the opportunity to say how much you meant to me and how much i loved you.

my mother’s voice made its way to my ears, yet i silenced it with the sound of yours. the touch of the grass tickled my palms. the milky cotton clouds slowly moved across the empty sky. the memories of us made its way back into my mind and my body had suddenly stiffened at the sight of your face in my mind. was i pathetic? to think that maybe the only reason why i couldn’t get myself to move on was because the spot you once held in my life, was your spot forever?

My name’s Ivy Masiel. I’m going to be completely honest, no one has read my writing before. I wanted 2017 to be different. I want to share my thoughts and writings to the world. I want to start with you guys. Thank for you just taking the time to read.


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