Hesitation: Brief Thoughts

Do not hesitate. The moment you hesitate you will no longer be able to move without fear.

Once you hesitate, the arrow will never leave the bow, and the bullet will never leave the gun. The words will never leave you mouth and the stone will never leave your hand. The flame will never leave the match and the song will never leave the soul.

But the moment you leave all hesitation behind you will be able to move without fear. Once you leave it behind you, the arrow will fly and the bullet will meet its mark. The words will flow from your mouth like a dammed river of frustration and the stone will hit the ground bouncing. The flame will ignite the forest with all  of the golden hues and the song will pour out of your soul with dedication. 

Do not hesitate. You will feel the pain worse than ever before and everything will fade to black and blue.

Once you stop thinking you may truly start living without hesitation, but instead conviction and determination, and a willingness to succeed.

By Josie


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