reinvention can sound intimidating at first – what’s not absolutely terrifying about completely changing yourself?

it also sounds like a lot of work that we aren’t always too willing to spend the effort on when the results of reinventing yourself are unpredictable, and when the outcomes and experiences vary greatly from person to person. I don’t know what the word ‘reinvention’ ever did to catch such an extreme and industrial connotation, but it probably didn’t deserve it. I think we can look at it from a whole new angle – a simpler, more natural one. instead of hearing ‘reinvention’ and thinking about tearing down your body and constructing a new one from the ground up, imagine it simply as pieces and parts coming together to form a happier, healthier you. 

for me, the most foolproof way to reinvent myself is to get in touch with nature. go outside on a sunny day and imagine the light wearing away all the negativity in your body that you wish you to get rid of. go outside on a rainy day and picture the same thing, but this time, let the rain “wash away” anything about yourself that’s been bothering you and you feel the urge to let go. let the wind move you, the sun warm you, and the earth kiss your feet as you drop the traits attached to your personality and let nature take you over. nature has immense power we don’t think about very often – take some time to think about ocean trenches and mountain chains. if our planet was able to do THAT, imagine the possibilities for yourself!

remember, reinvention isn’t a job for one, and you don’t have to transform all on your own. allow nature to help out, and you’ll be looking at the world with entirely new eyes.

By Courtney 


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