Regret and Acceptance

I’ve waited months, for weeks and for days

For you to stop And look back my way

For your cigarette lips to once again meet mine

And for my clouded mind to once again feel fine

But I know that for all the time I’ve sat with a pen

It’s all the time you’ve fallen in love again

And I’ve never gotten any closer to binding your soul

Just wasting my teenage years

And growing old

I’m spending all my time

wishing you were mine

But now you’re off with her

And knowing it is like a parasite

Feeding off hurt

just eating me alive

The pang of pain in seeing you two will never dull

Like a sharp knife driven deep into my soul

You don’t care about hearts

Or love, or art

But I can see there’s something deep within you

That sets you apart

Maybe you can’t yet see

Past the haze of being young and free

Just the same as me

And I know that so long as we are, you may never be mine

But for you, I’ll wait

Because I’ve learned Immaturity is a disease only be treated with time



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