Spring to Do Reminders

spring to do list 🍃

  1. rearrange your room.

•rearranging your room is a good way to start off spring time, it makes you feel like you’re starting fresh. 

  1. wash your sheets and pillowcases 1-2 every 2-3 weeks. (once a week if you have time.)

•a cleaner bed = better sleep! washing your bedding often results in a decreased chance of a breakout. 

  1. more fruits and veggies, less meat and dairy. 

•it can be pricey and difficult to alter your diet but it will benefit you so much! lowering your meat and dairy intake can make your skin clearer and brighter, and make you feel more energized! there are plenty of cheap and quick plant based recipes you can find online! 

  1. lots and lots of water! 

•water is the most important thing our bodies need to survive so it’s important to drink plenty of it everyday. it is recommended that you drink at least a half a gallon of water a day, or eight-8 ounce glasses. drinking a glass of water when you wake up and right before you go to bed does wonders for your body!

  1. exercise!

•a couple of the least strenuous exercises for the body are walking and swimming. if you hate running or sit-ups, just try walking or swimming! 

  1. try meditation! 

•meditation is a good way to relax and calm yourself down if needed. i recommend downloading the app “breathe!” it shows you the basics of meditation, lets you practice, and has a lot breathing and meditation exercises to benefit you. you select the mood you’re in and the emotions you’re feeling and it generates relaxing and breathing exercises that will help you! 

  1. help the bees 🐝

•planting flowers for bees will help them tremendously! if you see a bee, don’t be be scared because they won’t sting you. some flowers bees are attracted to include bee balm, black-eyed susan, goldenrod, lavender, blanket flowers, and many more! 

  1. read and write! 

•make a reading list and go to the library! try to read one book per month for the rest of the year. write about anything and everything in order to better yourself. practice makes perfect! 

  1. be artistic! 

•paint, draw, make music! art is a fantastic way to relieve yourselves of whatever emotions you’re feeling, plus it’s fun to create! 

By Sienna 


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