Warm tears create trails down her frost covered cheeks.

all she can do is cry and weep.

On top of a roof she contemplates life, or the ending of it.

One step forward for her pain

Another step forward for her frustration.

One step forward for regret

Another for all the times she felt worthless.

She looks down through the snow ridden air to the slab of concrete that could be her bed.

With blood spilled all over spewing from her head.

She takes a deep breath in and lets a full one out.

With all these insecurities how could she doubt?

But she does.

A hand, her hand, forming a life of its own

wiping the tears that have grown.

One step back for the people that love her

Another step back for all the ones who care.

One step back for everything she gave

And all the steps back home for the things she would give. 

by Pyarra


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