Spring Greetings

Winter is slowly coming to an end, and spring is right around the corner, waiting to bloom!


Spring is such a wonderful season, a season that resembles a fresh start and a better you.


This winter was quite eventful, in both good ways and bad, of course.


Now that we have a new, fresh space to better who we are, I would like to give a few tips on how to carry on with non-toxic environments, and how to create your peaceful, new beginning!


First, you must let go of toxic people in your life, whether it’s an old, childhood friend, who you are no longer interested in being friends with or a toxic relationship with a partner you no longer want to be a part of.


It’s completely normal to feel differently about people you once bonded with. People grow and change, and sometimes it’s best to move on and go your separate ways.


When it comes to letting the other person know that you’d like to detach yourself from your friendship/relationship, it’s just about having the courage to speak up and say you no longer have the desire to spend time with them and that you feel it’s best to meet new people. If you allow these toxic people in your life to just sit around and stay because you feel uncomfortable telling them your true feelings, you will never feel satisfied and you’ll continue having toxic relationships with people. Believe me, that is not something you want if you’re looking for a fresh, soothing start this upcoming spring.


Sit them down and kindly tell them you feel it’s best to end your relation with them. The other person might feel hurt or may not understand how you feel but it will end a toxic relationship and that is something we all need to do occasionally.


Another way to start this spring on a healthy note is to soothe all your worries!


Whether you are in school or you have a job, we all tend to get stressed out and forget what makes us happy. End everyday doing something you love, something that makes you glad you’re alive.


Whether it’s reading a book, journaling, or listening to your favorite tunes. The healthiest way to unwind and remind yourself that things are just fine is to do something that pleases you and keeps you sane.


Bettering yourself is not a difficult act. Be kind to not only others but yourself. Say your goodbyes to those who have hurt you or just no longer play a positive role in your life, and always remind yourself that life can be so lovely.


Welcome this spring with open arms and an open heart.


I know that spring always welcomes all of us with love.



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