Mouths: Photo Series

The feeling of intimacy varies with the moment and people it comes with.

It can go from our knees touching, to being in a room full of people that enjoy the same music that’s playing. It can be me tracing the outline of your lips, touching hands or sharing a laugh. Intimacy can occur in frequencies, a moment shared with others.


In my experience, there are different levels of intimacy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with someone familiar, it could be the stranger you held that door open for and your hands accidentally touched and you smiled.


It can be us sitting in silence in your bedroom, sharing our thought’s about how much we hate cold mornings and early nights.


Intimacy is about small gestures that occur, like when the sun is trying to crawl inside your skin during the mid afternoon, or the wind dancing in your hair.


Intimate is infinite, its relatively close, it can be awkward or bittersweet. It can be memorable and nostalgic.



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