Recollection: A List

recollecting facts, memories and broken pieces from us to make me feel sane

1. i met you when my head was clouded with dark thoughts everyday, when i had nothing to look forward to, when i wanted to escape, run away, die, do whatever i could to be away from everything. 

2. sooner or later we started talking more frequently about anything and everything, and mostly you. i had something to look forward to now. 

3. i soon found myself thinking about you constantly, wondering what you doing, hoping you were okay. i don’t think you did the same. 

4. i cared more about you than you cared about me, and that’s okay. i just wish i knew my self worth then. 

5. i wouldn’t do it again, no matter how much i miss you. it was too much and i can hardly bare thinking about without feeling like a cinder block has been dropped on my chest. 

6. you loved me, i know you did, but not how i loved you. 

7. i was there for you at your worst but you weren’t there for me, you were never there for me. 

8. that dreaded day in november still haunts me. i still can’t get it out of my head. i hated you for that for so long. 

9. we started to drift away eventually. it was painful, but relieving. we’ll never belong together. 

10. i miss you dearly and i hope you find everything you are looking for. you’ll always have a place in my heart. 

by Sienna


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