a small poem for the boy who broke my heart



I know some days I seem miserable, and some days I’m floating on cloud nine,


when you feel as if I’m hurting it’s only because I wish you were mine.


Now I know, you are unsure of what you truly desire,


although you’ve fed me lies, I will not call you a liar.


Tears shed and wrists bled, for only you.


Parts of me are still overcrowded with sorrow,


I know you are bewildered but my heart is not something you can just borrow.


I’m afraid our hello will end with a sudden good bye,


“I hope you find what you are looking for,” is what I said when you were far too shy.


Now, these words did not leave my mouth because it was easy to



I forever hope you find someone who will make you




NOTE TO THE READER: This poem I wrote diverges all sorts of emotions I had for a boy who simply did not want me, I hope you enjoy my simple words and elegant tone. This was a far more difficult story, I will write a piece about my voyage through unrequited love in a separate article. I wanted this piece to be a bit effortless yet genuine.

Thank you for reading my words. Xx




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