Wolves: Thick as Blood


A lone wolf can survive on it’s own if the wolf hunts small animals that don’t fight back. When a lone wolf tries to kill something bigger it can get hurt very badly or be killed. So when a wolf is alone the wolf looks for another pack.

A pack to a wolf is family and they will do anything for their family. When wolves hunt they don’t hunt alone. I have admire wolves because they will protect their family at all cost.

I admire it because I would protect my family and I don’t know what I would do without them. My actual family and my second family is important to me because of how much I care about them and I would protect them at any cost. My second family has to deal with band.

So I am kinda like a wolf because I can be a mystery and I can be hidden and sneaky with in the woods or in a city if I need to be hidden. Wolves can be mysterious and can hide from anyone if they feel scared or on the hunt for food.

When they attack they do it as a pack. Sometimes you need more then one person to take someone down and that is why you should have people that is close to you. So they can help you if you need help.

Wolves will take care of each other and protect each other and we need to be more like them by being protective of your family and that you will need help with problems. We should take care of our family because they are important.

We are also weak on when we are by ourselves. So that is why we try to find people to fit in with, like a wolf do on when they are alone and looking for a pack to be with. They can get banished from a pack by a few ways and we can get rejected from people by a few ways as well.

So we look for a new group of friends to be with and a wolf will look for a new pack.

So we are kinda like wolves on how we try to be accepted.

By Michael Feltner


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