Masturbation 101

It’s such a taboo subject to talk about aloud, but lets face it. Sex, orgasms and “nutting” are a natural and normal part of life! These tips are for everyone with a hoo-ha, thats all i got, so thats all i can give tips on! You guys asked me questions, and I answered to the best of my ability. Lets jump right in.
How do I get “turned on” if i’m not already? What do I do while masturbating?

Lots of people do lots of different things to get turned on or while they are masturbating!

Some of these things include:

  • watching porn
  • looking at porn gifs
  • listening to sexual audio posts
  • look at pictures
  • dream up a fantasy and live it out
  • listen to music

really anything that suits you!
Where do I find stuff to watch/listen/look at? I don’t want my parents to find it in my history! 

Tumblr! If you turn off your NSFW filter and go through a tag of your preferred type of intercourse or just “#sex” or “#fucking” or literally anything remotely sexual, stuff will come up!

Another trick I’ve learned is to go through twitter. Go to the pornhub profile and click on the link! Search for whatever you want, watch it, do your thing, and then simply close when you’re done. No traces in your internet history. Poof!

How do you masturbate?

There’s lots of different ways! If you’re new to it or under 18 (like me) you probably won’t have access to toys such as vibrators/dildos/plugs etc.

Without penetration (rubbing, pillow, etc) :
If you’re afraid of penetration, don’t worry!

I myself don’t like it very much when masturbating. For the first time you try, start easy with something soft but firm like a pillow. You have a magical little friend called your clit. It helps you “feel good” when stimulated. Basically, get somewhere comfortable (your bed) and wear underwear with some type friction, or none at all. Your choice! Start loving up on that pillow, fold it in half between your legs for a firmer feel. Don’t press/dry hump too hard! Your clit is sensitive and too much pressure can feel like… nothing basically. I usually like to listen to/watch a video while I’m doing it because it helps stimulate your brain and your body! Wear headphones! Keep going for as long as you want. Hit that O-gasm!

With penetration (fingers): 
I pulled in Maddy for this one, she has more experience with it! 

Slightly uncomfortable at first? Maybe, but in the end it’s great and an experience that will center you with yourself and your body. So first I’ll lay some ground rules, always wash your hands before fingering yourself because sanitation is always important especially when you could be risking infection, and secondly lubrication! Whether natural or store bought lubrication is incredibly necessary to make your fingering experience a pleasant one. Now some more fine tuned details, make sure to start out with only one or two fingers as to not strain your body too much at first, but after you’ve gotten used to 1-2 fingers, go crazy! Contrary to popular belief the vagina is an incredible muscle that can stretch quite easily and go back to its original state with no problem (so don’t worry about doing any real damage). I’ll also add in a quick tip and say it’s helpful to have short fingernails (although not necessary) it will make your experience much easier. Although all of these tips are helpful, the most important key to fingering your self is to stay in touch with your body and only go to an extent you find comfortable. Best of luck!


Back to me, Aly. 
How do I know if I orgasmed?

Orgasms are different for everyone! You may begin to feel very warm in your lower belly and tingly, then it will feel kinda like a head rush but down there. Tingles, tiny explosion, everyone uses the reference to little fireworks or sparklers. It will last anywhere from 10-45 seconds! You’ll feel yourself “come down” from the “high” and will probably be very sensitive down there, if you want to keep going to finish up or try for another, go soft for a little while to let your body muster up some more energy.
Can you orgasm more than once?

ABSOLUTELY! It may take some time, and patience! Try new videos/audios/methods/etc. FIGURE OUT WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOUR BODY! Everyone is different!
What if I don’t/can’t orgasm?

Like I said, everyone’s body is different! It may take you 20 minutes to orgasm and one of your friends 3 minutes! Or you may not always orgasm! It doesn’t make masturbating any less fun. You don’t have to orgasm to enjoy masturbation/sex! You are not broken! It is NORMAL to not orgasm every time.
I feel dirty/guilty/ashamed for masturbating, is that weird?

NO! A lot of people do! In society often feminine alined people are frowned upon by the forever impending doom of misogyny. FUCK THAT! Lots of girls masturbate. It is NORMAL. You are not dirty. You are not disgusting. EVERYONE HAS SEX. ALMOST EVERYONE MASTURBATES. Don’t feel ashamed for figuring out your own body and having a little me time.
We love you,

Stay safe,

Use protection,
All our love,



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