Good Things Happening in the World

Lately, most of us have been feeling angry and scared for the future because of Trump’s ridiculous policies, climate change, inequality, etc. Here is a list of GOOD news to relieve some of your stress, and maybe restore some of our fleeting hope.

– Puppies saved from Rigopiano Hotel avalanche in Italy. x

– Kidnappings in Colombia have gone down 92% since 2000. x

– 10 year old girl reunited with teddy bear after Fort Lauderdale shooting x

– India bans all forms of disposable plastics from its capital x

– Kidnapped newborn is finally found at 18 x

– Flint water no longer exceeds federal limit x

– Cancer Death Rate Has Dropped 25% Since 1991 Peak x

– Divorce Rate in U.S. Drops to Nearly 40-Year Low x

– New York City Using $5M to Fund Women in Film and Theater x

Read even more good news here!


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