Bad Day Blues: Self Love Guide

We all have those days when you wake up, and wish you didn’t. Here are a few things to do and remember if you are feeling blue.

  1. Draw a bath, light a candle, grab a wine glass of your preferred juice, and play French music. You’re a successful businesswoman lounging in a hotel in France now.
  2. Call a friend who makes you laugh.
  3. Go to the store, buy yourself a dozen of your favorite flowers.
  4. Lay in the grass in your backyard, dissociate and daydream with soft music.
  5. Take a nap, everything feels better after a nap.
  6. Eat! Don’t forget to give your body the nutrients it needs!
  7. Lay in bed and cry. Only for a little while. It’s good to heal.
  8. Draw aimlessly. Drag a pen across a page of a magazine or hand.
  9. Play with makeup. Beat your face, pretend you’re an instagram baddie.
  10. Dress up! Put on heels and red lipstick or a fedora and make a fake long cigarette! Play jazz music and pretend you’re in the 1920s.
  11. Play video games, distract yourself.
  12. Write about how you are feeling. Let it all out. Burn the paper or delete the page.
  13. Learn about something new! Always interested in crystals but never had the time to research? Now is your time! Completely engross yourself in it.
  14. Scream into a pillow until laughter or tears or both come out. Let yourself feel.
  15. Watch youtube videos. It passes the time quickly.

Here are some things to remember if you are feeling down:

  1. This too will pass.
  2. Everything is temporary.
  3. You are not stuck.
  4. There are people who love you.
  5. No matter how alone you feel you are, someone cares about you deeply.
  6. Being alone is not a bad thing. You do not need others to be happy.
  7. You are enough.
  8. You are trying your hardest.
  9. We believe in you.
  10. We are here for you.

If you ever feel alone and need someone to reach out to, I am always here. My twitter dms are open and I love each and every one of you deeply.

All my love,



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