Becoming Me

I was an ugly little kid. I never really liked how I looked. My ears were too big, they stuck out, my nose was weird, I didn’t like how I could never gain any weight. I felt like this all the way until around the summer before junior year of high school. I remember just looking at myself, and my new growing hair, and was like “damn…. who the hell is that!” and my face slowly began to change. It got better magically as if a plastic surgeon operated on my face as I slept. Now I’m happy about how I look. I get compliments, and girls that never really talked to me act like we’ve been friends for years.  I’m happy with my life at the moment. I realized it takes time to accept yourself, and even more time for you to grow and develop fully. Here are some self portraits, of me, loving me.








I recently released my website, where you can view some of my photography and buy some of my art or keep up with my adventures. You can find it here


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