Fuck Your Misogyny: a Playlist

Who determined you may only be sexual and present yourself in a provocative way to please others behind closed doors? I find myself alone each night, yet it doesn’t bother me. There’s something magical and ritualistic about undressing. Whether it’s dancing in the mirror for a quick moment, or giving an hour long strip tease to no one but yourself, it feels good to feel “sexy.” There’s power in the word and who says you need someone else present to feel sexual and empowered?  Turn your speakers up, give yourself a show. Laugh at yourself, look at yourself, accept this is who you are. Every curve, lump, bump, and fat roll makes up who you are. And everything inside that beautiful body? Belongs to you. And no man, woman, or human being can take that away from you. No matter what anyone else tells you, you are enough. You are desireable. You are “sexy.”image1.JPG

you can find the playlist here 


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