We are Not Afraid: An Angry Letter to Donald Trump


You may think you have won. You have not.

This country has taken major steps toward equality under the presidency of Barack Obama. We will not let you get away with your racist, islamophobic, xenophobic, sexist, and idiotic actions. There are a million of us, and one of you. A democracy is designed to keep people like you from fucking everything up. You disgust the youth of america. You are a joke to the rest of the country and the world. If you think you will get away with any immoral or non “politically incorrect” actions you must be oblivious. Your followers install fear into every minority walking the streets of America. I’m very sorry to alert you sir, but;

We will not back down.

We will not be silent.

We will protest, we will scream, we will fight for our rights.

You tweeting kindergartener leveled insults on twitter does not hurt us.

You will not back us into a corner of shame. 

You will not take our pride.

You will not make women feel inferior.

You will not desensitize the public to the crime of rape.

You will not take away the access to safe and legal abortion.

Your followers will not treat us like animals.

Your vice president will not take away our rights to marry one another.

You will not take away our humanity.

You will not be re elected unless it is over my dead body.

You see, Donald, we are not afraid of you. You cannot touch us. There are people in power who have our needs in mind. People in power who love, accept, and continue to fight for us. You will not turn this country back to the filth it was in 1950. Your presidency will be one filled with protest, anger, and unforgiving rage. You threaten our rights, you threaten our bodies, you threaten our very existence. We are not afraid of you. Your followers do not outnumber us. We will always outnumber you. Power to the People is a loaded phrase. 

Fuck you, cannot wait for your impeachment,

The Youth of America


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