The Black Birds of Raven

The Black Birds Of Raven by Joshue Lemus 


A cautious wanderer,

those birds are.


Ink-black eyes seethe with starvation.

A pale rose tongue licks the beak

With a desire to peck.


A young man,

afraid by the early morning,

is a rapid walker.


And they take interest.


A pale hand lifts a crumb from the pavement,

And with a flick, it goes to them.


They laugh at this attempt to feed;

Those birds cackle and caw.

It pierces the young man’s ears,

Now pricked with caution.


They notice, indulge and feed,

On that ancient fear.


But he doesn’t.

His pace becomes somber.


He slows

And catches a seat

By the man with the pale hands.


An exchange of smiles occur,

And the birds, aware,

Spread their wings;

Taking away to feed.


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