I Am

I am more open minded than you will ever think,I can view another spectrum of colours whenever I blink,

And you will never think,

You will never think on the level I think because your thoughts will never elevate you above the clouds and up to the gates of heaven,

Like they elevate me.
You have to rip your mind open and escape this imprisoned society even if it sharply pains you and you feel fearfully alienated,


No one understands,

The way your mind works.
No one will love the way you love,

No one will hate the way you hate,

No one will worry the way you worry,

No one will cry the way you cry,

No one will laugh the way you laugh,
No one for now.
Because that is the way I feel,

That is the way I’ve been taught,

That I’m just a mere dead body who feels too anxiously and is always wrong because I am not human enough to think,

I am not human enough to keep my tears in whenever I blink and I am not human enough to believe in this rule where you should build a life in the box you were given and bow below your horizons.
I want to expand my creativity and keep safe in zen, freedom and freedom of zen but that keep safe spot is the hardest to reach when everyone around you is trying to throw burning coals and start fires in front of you so you will no longer surface out of your box,

You will have to be buried into a social and political cycle to rot.
What is gained if this isn’t me?



Gained if?

This isn’t me?
I am no longer living,

I am an alien.

By Alinah


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