“You throw like a girl”
“Be a man”

“Stop being such a girl”
I’ve heard all of these insults in just one day. When was being a girl a bad thing? 51% of our earths population is girls. We girls are taught and raised with negative connotation for our gender. Girl is not a bad word. We are strong. We are dangerous. We are not the stereotypes you’ve made for us.
“You must be believed to be pretty, it doesn’t matter whats in your mind “

“You must like feminine things”

“You are fragile, and must be protected by a man”

“You must have beautiful long hair on the top of your head, but nowhere else”

“You must provide sexual activity for men, but don’t be a slut”
These things may not be directly said to us girls, but it is implied. Within all of this negativity, we need to know we deserve love from our selves. We must stand above all this. We are not a bad word, we are not these stereotypes. We are not fragile little flowers, we are strong. We are independent. A girl’s a gun.

by Frances Weger 


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