The Modern Woman

To me the purest and most honest example of self love comes from the modern day women who strive to put themselves out there and refuse to be undermined.
The modern woman is not the unavailing mistakes

inked into your fragmented paper
You cannot brush her over with white out

and expect her to disappear

as if her race and culture were pages ripped from the chapters in the big book you call “UNDESIRABLE”
You cannot smudge her away

with your dirty finger

as if she was an unsought coffee mark lingering on the edge of your cracked mug
You cannot spray away her vivid reflection

that remains plastered onto your restroom mirror

along with the surplus layers of dirt

and the stares of self hatred it receives every dried up morning
She is not the scab you continuously pick at in hopes of erasing all the violent memories

but she is the rustic scar

from a childhood accident that refuses to fade away
She is not the man dragging himself on the streets

haunted by a guilty conscience crammed with contempt

but she is the innocent teen

locked inside a jailhouse

with nothing but a serene coating

stitched into the cherry lips of their beaten up smile
Yes, she is the pillar gripping-grasping-aching for a break

and you know very well that without her you would fall
by Ruby L 


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