Wide Side Story Thoughts

on the sidewalk forever ago

before we loved to talk

we traced a world with chalk

and our parents told us

imagination was our redeeming feature
till we snuck into the real park-side

where they told me

that intent now was my redeeming feature
and i decided to be the relentless breathing

rolling down grass hills

rushing to think all the thoughts and to

stand by counting

the stories and the heights

the stick shift, switch gears and the

reprise of sounds that i didn’t even know i’d heard before

but in the city now, i know

that i know.
in the town again (where i’m standing then),

nice people pour me tea

but furrow their brows, because intent

doesn’t count for anything

in a house.

in these walls

purpose is my redeeming feature.
so i build till i can see far enough away

and we roll in a car to find the city one day
i become a rush pushing bedtimes later

because i liked to grow a to-do list that was so much greater

unbothered that these buildings are so tall

because i am comfortably small
but in the city, you’ll meet some of the most processed people.

people who want you to get your head out of the clouds

because it’s in the way of a skyscraper construction.

dreams aren’t welcome in the capital, unless it’s to make capital

and i’m not sure if projecting my imagination on everything is making me

feel rich or poor.
i’m really getting sick of being told to be more down to earth by all these city types, they’re all walking on concrete. concrete isn’t earth, but i guess it must be nice to never get mud on your shoes.
for a little while

i am happy to just wonder about that.”

by Dania


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