Poem Collection: Rose


Each petal unfolds a layer of mystery and intimacy

It’s delicate and fragile

Yet bold and chaotic

Dark and red, like drops of blood

But also like the red that your cheeks turn

Its tone holds love and lust

But its stem holds thorns and edges

But even with its flaw

Its still the most beautiful flower of them all

Heaven Is a Place On Earth With You

Heaven feels like

your arms around me

Heaven looks like

the stars that twinkle in your eyes

Heaven tastes like

your god-like lips on my mundane lips

Heaven smells like

the scent on your chest that infiltrates my senses when you engulf me in your embrace

Heaven to me is how nothing can touch us

Nothing compares to the sparks that fly between you and i.



On tear spilled pages I lie my heart that’s filled with wages

Filled with can’ts and won’ts

As well as shan’ts and don’ts

It holds feelings of your sweet caress

As well as the radiant smile that you possess

Your beautiful voice and how it brings me to life

To the tears stained on your face

And how each one daggers me like a knife

How one second you’re making my heart flutter

Then the next it dissolves as if it were butter

Exquisite thoughts hide behind your bright green eyes

Ones that I someday would be fascinated to find

Even though at times you make me cry

And even at times make me want to die

Nothing makes me happier

Then sweet dreams of you and i

Flawed Perfection

I do not need perfect

I need love

And love

Is the most beautifully flawed contraption

Ever conjured by human ever

But it’s the flaws in love

That remind us how real we are

And that despite the obstacles

It’s still an untouchable beauty



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