The Ripple Effect

Aminta Somsouphanh
instagram: @aminta

twitter: @xoaminta
“The Ripple Effect”
There’s a certain way the rain gleams of the wet pavement that evokes a sense of serenity. The way it reflects light or an image. The way the water ripples and sends waves of stillness to the pool’s edge. The way it remains patient with the rest of the world rushing around it.
The surface of water often times break. But there’s beauty in those moments. Even though the surface is broken, it is still water and it will regather itself to be the soft image it was before. No matter the number of times the world disturbs its peace, its formula remains the same. Two atoms hydrogen and one oxygen; the simplicity and clarity of it all. Beautiful.
Water’s element is mush deeper than just its surface. On the surface, you see the little speckles of light that glitter when the sun hits it, and you see yourself. A distorted image of your features that float amongst those specks of light. But under all of that, deep down the surface is non-existent. You do not see glittering light or the sparkle of your eye. It is deep and dark and endless. Everything down there is shadowed and kept secret, and it’s the most fascinating aspect of this metaphysical material.
Every trait of water is admirable. It stays the same or it grows and expands. Sometimes it vanishes into thin air, but it’s still there. It remains calm and cleanses the earth on dark days. It has the full potential for destruction, but it means no harm. Water has no boundaries or limits, just power, tranquility, and an endless wave of possibilities.
People are the same way, only we are more complicated than just two chemical elements bonded to one another. We still reflect light and images like water, except we interpret them differently.
When we feel happiness and flex ten muscles to smile, there is light and love within our hearts. We feel as if the world is right and the stars are aligned. We feel at peace with ourselves and emit an energy that brightens the world around us. We feel whole.
People break, too. We are fragile beings susceptible to almost anything and everything. Unlike water, we don’t always recollect. Sometimes we stay broken. But with love, care, and time we can fix ourselves and mend all the sharp edges. We may change some things to be ourselves again, but it is still you in the end. The change may have been for the better.
Underneath skin, between bones, flowing through veins there is a whole other world within you. Like water, humans have secrets and dark parts of their own, unknown to the outside. Only you know the you down under; with all your sparkle and flowers of light and love hidden away, only to be shown when you are ready.
Those dark parts are treasures unmarked on any map. Those beneath the skin secrets, are only secrets with yourself. You are those secrets and treasures, and over time you turn those dark places of yourself into gold and invaluable love.

A moment with you felt like-
the last seconds before waves hit the shore,
misty breeze that brushes the skin on your cheeks,
the sound of waves crashing along the beds of rock.
I thought you had broken me;
the same violent way the ocean washed against crumbling stone.
But like how waves always recollect and pull itself back into the ocean,
I collected my scattered pieces
and felt ever more stronger than the current
that once pulled me to you.

By Aminta

Cover photo by Sav


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