Beauty is Around You My Dear; You Just Have to Know Where to Look

Waking up every morning. The smell of coffee and toast filling your lungs. Your mother smiling at you making your favorite food. Your father rushing to work but gets back to kiss you goodbye. And you, you choose to grab coffee and bread at your favorite coffee shop.You see an old man taking a walk under the rays of sunshine. The wind making the dry leaves fall. A lady walking her dogs. You see a little girl picking wild flowers because she thinks they’re beautiful. Many people in suits and in skirts rushing to catch their busses and cabs. And you, you’re in school helping you to be equipped you in the real world.

Seeing people with grocery carts and people in line in banks to pay the bills by the afternoon. Two men holding each other’s hands. Two women kissing by the parking lot. The traffic is building up, yet you can see families laughing and singing along in their favorite tunes through the semi-tinted car windows. And you, you’re exhausted from school and more paper works ahead of you.

Your mom has been cleaning the house, preparing dinner, and waiting for the rest of the family to come home by the end of the day. But you, you’re too tired to eat so you go straight to your room, catching up with your friends online.

Time for rest. The comfort from your newly washed sheets. The feeling of the blanket wrapped in your skin . The cold breeze of the night. The silence calming your body and your mind. And you, you cry yourself to sleep, thinking how ugly this world is.



photo credit to David Friend 


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