A Lover in Need of Advice

I made a drawing in the summer while my partner and I were separated for a couple months, but we managed to spend hours together everyday through texting, calling and video chatting. Well I guess we had to be careful during the times we talked to each other through phone, in case my parents heard. They are against us being together because my love is not the same race as me. Right now this relationship is a secret. I want this to be anonymous so my parents don’t somehow find out. I guess it made me realize how much I really appreciate my love for putting in all this effort for me. Even though we were separated, I felt like we were still together, like we could almost hold each other’s hand. We were able to meet again a few months ago. Now, though, we’re separated again due to moving to new places, we don’t know for how long this time. Some bills haven’t gotten paid because it can be a struggle, so we can’t talk to each other through our phones. Again, we both don’t know for how long. How do I reach my love now, you’ve got to communicate to carry a relationship right, how do you do that when you can’t reach them? I dont know, maybe I will feel as sad as I did during the last day we were in the flesh together, I’m not sure. How are we going to be together now that we can’t talk to each other? I wish I didn’t have to hide this special relationship when we were able to talk to each other. I feel like a liar to my own family. If I’m honest, I’ll be broken-hearted due to what they would do, and I’ll pain my lover once the news is shared. But if I lie and get caught, my family, thankfully a generally loving family, might stop being loving.


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