Blood Orange: Raw Connections


You told me I needed to connect.Connect with you and this room.

I described the connections I made,

My raw connections.

I heard it would make me feel less


I saw cheeks blood-orange in color.

I felt lips of butter,

With my chapped lips.

The room smelled of cherries.

My body felt free

All of my feathers had fallen off

But then,

I had felt as though I was in an

Unfamiliar room.

But this was my room.

I lived here.

At least I could make that connection.

Unless that was fact.

I thought there was a cherry blossom tree outside?

Where’d that shadow come from?

Everything was unreal again.

You were gone but not really.

I was gone but not really.

My skin felt raw and I asked

The shadow for lotion.

Its gender was unmistakably male,

He told me to go outside by the rosebush.

There was a lake that was rumored,

To make me whole again.

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