Poetry Collection of Connections : by Gillian

Gillian McLain is weird, sexually confused, art loving teenager from Texas. Here are some of her poems about the connections she has with people around her.
Galaxy of You

if it were a slight touch of the hand

or kiss of the cheek

that brought you here to me

I would wish for the sun

and moon

and stars

to shine upon you

as bright as they could

and melt their light through

your bones

so you will never be cold

or lonely again.

I would wish the moon

to embrace you in his

mysterious yet milky gaze

and guide you

into the kindest of dreams.

then I would wish the sun

to shine upon your temple

all of the day,

so you will be blinded

from all the hatred of the world

and held fast to warmth.

I would wish the stars

to twinkle in their iridescent way

inside your eyes,

so you will never forget your dreams

and the magic you hold.

i would wish them all to

grab you by the arms

and shake you to your core

for you to realize

my love for you

is eternal

like the sun

and moon

and stars.
Love Lessons
Love can be regretted with ease

like a moth flying straight

into the buzzing glow

it’s seen from a mile away

this blinding light

but ignored

just for the benefit of the doubt.

now a single sad wing

lays in the fire

never to feel

a fresh,

gentle breeze again.
Dancing Your Love Away 

there is only so much that can be lost

before it is found

three steps foward

and on step round

I see you standing there

laughing at me

because I’m more dizzy and in love

then you will ever be
look at you.

sitting over there

all miserable

and gorgeous,

trying to contain

the waves crashing within,

as drinks are pushed

your way.

I haven’t even touched

my cheap, red cup

but I am already

dizzy from your

intoxicating stare

that alas,

is not looking my way.


I sip the depressing liquid

and let it burn my tongue.

then I wonder

what you would taste like

down my throat.


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