Dear Diary

Something I have discovered about myself is that if I am not constantly busy with some sort of art project, I become extremely bored with my life. I have to stay busy busy busy! Some of my recent projects have been the print issue of ROSEBLOOD (which will be sent out Tuesday) and redecorating my walls with cut-outs. That being said, I have felt more whole and comfortable. Do you know what I mean when I say I feel my heart melting but in a good way? Like when you look at the person you love? Lately I am all about cutting out the unnecessary things and people. It feels good to clear everything out. I guess all I’m really trying to say is all I need is you, a cherry icee, and my camera to survive. What is going on inside your brain?


I spilled my guts onto the papers. Remember to draw fast, draw lots, and draw on everything. It will never matter if it sucks. Do it anyways.


tell us what you think!

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