A Summer’s Day

a summer’s day by aly 

there is always going to be something there between you and i.

we live 1,772 miles apart yet whenever i see your face or hear your voice through a screen, my heart softens.

it melts into a soup of red and white swirls. it pools at my ankles and creeps up my body leaving a warm, sweet aftertaste.

you are the one constant in my life. i can rely on you for a soft shoulder to cry on.

a smooth transition.

a seamless love.

you are something so special and so delicate, i feel as if i might break you the first time i hold you in my arms.

your dark hair cropped up above your shoulders and your bambi eyes resting upon mine.

there is no one quite like you.

i love you, i love you, i love you.

yet i know when one of us finds someone new, someone close, this might come to an end.

we have no labels and no commitment to each other, yet there is an unknown bond.

something so pure and innocent i cannot fathom.

to put “us” into words is a task i cannot execute without flaw.

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