Muse: Tim Burton

As a face and body painter I’m Inspired by everything- movies, seasons, music, anything I can incorporate into my art. TIM BURTON IS MY MAN! I’m enthralled by the macabre details he surrounds his films and writings with, the passion and complexity of these strange characters he brings to life. I identify with the emotional, cunning and eccentric roles he crafts. He’s a man of such talent and I try to piece a bit of him into the characters I paint. I too want to give them life, and I too want to capture their true personas in all of their flaws and glory. When I recreated Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas I wanted to emulate the intelligent and caring Sally down to her full cheeks and her droopy eyes. I hope to have done Burton’s classic justice and demonstrate what she stands for in all the works I hope to create in the future.

by Alexandrea Fiorantez


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