Muse Poem: Halsey + Greek Goddesses 

her muse for this poem was a mix between halsey and other ancient greek goddesses coming together to form an ideal feminine figure. but the inspiration for this poem came from halsey’s music video “ghost.”
untitled poem by sienna

her dreams are visions of silky, cherry red lips pressed against her neck and dainty fingers running down her spine. she swears those lips hold galaxies that swallow her up every time they so much as graze her skin. her lover’s eyes are warm sunlight, a melted chocolate daydream. she becomes lost in them.
the sweet fragrance from the scattered rose petals and the smell of her expensive perfume makes her mouth water.
they spend their days entangled in each other’s secrets. the inside of her thighs are as smooth and fragile as the inside of the rose. she caresses them, slowly making her way to the center, getting off to the sight of her lover ascending into heaven.

soft kisses turn into cold shoulders, and words once as gentle and soft as a feather turn sharp like a blade on a sword, continuously stabbing her in the heart until she bleeds out and lies on the cold hard ground, longing for the feeling of her lover’s silky, cherry red lips pressed against her neck.


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