My Forbidden Muse

I have this poem written about a girl that I liked once before she broke my heart and she guilt tripped me into thinking she’s right and I’m wrong so I sort of wrote all my anger and sadness onto this poem. It doesn’t really have a name I just wrote it in the moment of sadness. I want this poem to be cited as anonymous because I can’t talk publicly about my sexuality (I’m bisexual) and I’m scared that locals would stumble upon this poem and then expose my sexuality in front of everyone. I live in a strict muslim country and I’m muslim myself but I can’t express my sexuality because it’s considered taboo. I hope you guys like this poem 🙂

liking you was smelling a rose,

until the blood started dripping after touching the thorn,

bittersweet pain, that’s what it is,

I never knew love could be this painful until I met you, that’s when I thought,

“This is going to hurt like a fucker.”

I tried to have these feelings fought


I failed

I entered a temporary twister to what seemed an endless hurricane,

the thing is,

I shouldn’t feel this way at all

at least not until I am sure of myself

But you came along and stabbed me

where it hurts best,

Making that wound numb and lifeless

However, the receptors came to their senses,

And I cried out to the gods of love,

Cursing them to what they’ve done,

Oh sweet love, when will you wither away

like ashes?

I learned my lesson, but please,

don’t hurt her, she gave me hope

in the smallest time period.

I pray to you, Aphrodite,

Grant her someone who will give


The passion and love that she deserves.

Since I am no worthy of it


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