Muse: Ryn Weaver 

To find a single person who lights an artistic and creative fire in your heart with a single word is rare. Over the past two years, I have seen Ryn Weaver grow. As an artist, and as a human being. Watching Ryn find herself gave me the hope I could too one day. Ryn is raw and unapologetic. She is one with the wind and one who indulges in the rarities of life. Living a life purely based around her own happiness and well being is something I aspire to do. Ryn gave me the courage to start writing again, even though all my notebooks and the sound of pencil on paper reminded me of crying in the shower at 2AM. She taught me that life is beautiful in every aspect and how to find the beauty in every emotion, every touch, and every word spoken between two friends. Thank you, Ryn for reminding me to put myself first. For telling me my art is not a waste of time. For allowing me to work towards living a free and unapologetic life under the indirect guidance you have given me. I love you, talk soon.
Your dearest,


you can find ryn here and listen to her music here


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