At Last I Have Found You

Collection of words by Selena about their signifigant other

Astronomical Existance 

Lay with me on the roof of my childhood boulevard

We can whisper the things others leave unsaid

there is something so natural about us

we breathe each other in

love exist as the byproduct of our respiration

we live on the cusp of this universe
we have created our own solar system

our own law of physics

we are on the outside of everyone

while we reside with in each other


we have the same birthmark

and minds to match
the gap between now

and when we

are picking out matching

bed sheets to our pillow cases

is extensive
we exist symmetrically

but learn obtusely
we work unlike a puzzle

but like the ocean
the flow and crash

we create and destroy

building off each other

as we coexist

Eyes, Thighs, Religion

“Oh baby” moaned like a prayer

you say you’re an atheist,

but you swore you found heaven in between my thighs

Those three words mumbled in a haze of fingers and lips

I said it doesn’t count

Say it to my eyes not my tongue

I need the truths of your present not your pasts

I won’t say it to anyone but myself

you’re not a dream you’re just the greatest reality

Is That Okay?

“I’m going to fall in love with you. is that okay?”

no, please don’t

I am me in my entirety and there is nothing wrong with me

besides that

I am stuck with her on the bottom of my shoe

like rotten gum

I want to fall in love like you deserve

I sit in your car with out air conditioning

and you’re making me feel warm

kindling in a way I hadn’t imagined feeling so soon

but then I’ll remember how cold I felt when she left

and I’ll remember why I slept with 3 blankets in the summer
It’s going to take me longer to love you than it should.

I hope you have the patience to wait for my heart to heal

to grow around the rips left behind

My heart matches your shoulder

scar tissue all around

we can do yoga and mend them together
Please wait my (soon to be) love


He’s rough with me, but I melt into his grip

holding my thighs so tight

he left fingerprints the next morning
Give me your bruises

I want to feel them

I deserve them
Take over my mind by building my body

cover me with your hands

make me forget what I can’t suppress


I want you

I want to love you

I will love you

but for now

I will fuck you

Not The Sun, But A Constellation 

one shoe

no socks

all sweat and whimpers in your reclined seat

you said you aren’t a lefty

and your right hand was better

you were right (handed)
Build up on a speeding train towards one parking lot

but not the one we spent our time in

never on time

late or early always

we said fuck time and the humans who created it
we are our own time

I hope time won’t run out with you
I used to be someone’s ‘All The Time’

fuck that

i just want to forget time and live in your space, in your orbit
I helped you become a constellation

You are not the sun

You are a collection of stars that we stare at in awe

the humans dream up your life and write them on paper

as you dance across the space in my mind

I dream of you every night but would never wish to contain your life

you are free and you are well aware of the forces you have reckoned with

Rising Fiasco: Past Tornado

2 for the past one forever
one for her-the first, the never ending

one for S-the Second, the tornado

one for Orion my current constellation
I write for them and think they’ll be something

the last tag

the last muse

the last reason to write
I forget that I am 17

and life is long

there are always people around the corner
I’m nervous to commit again after the tornado

she broke my foundation

left me out in the cold

but she’s over and I’ll despise her

There is still a recovery period
I confused the tornado for the sun

now I have a full constellation

no fiascos

just the ultimate de facto of

love arising
In the east or in the west I will never know

love exist all around

the warmth shines but leaves the shadows

I don’t want to be left in the shade

With shade comes the absence of warmth


I’m susceptible to frost bite without him


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