Meggie Royer

As of late, my heart has been aching constantly, and I have been torn between picking up the broken pieces that I have left behind, or just sitting still, in my own filthy, misery.

For now, I am still. Thinking and writing about the person I have hoped to have a future with, but never will. The pains of unrequited love, have tattered very corner.
In order to find inspiration during this lonesome time of mine, I have been purchasing plenty of good reads. Especially books that consist of poetry, about heartache and loneliness. A book that made an impact on my fragile heart, was “Unrequited,” written by Meggie Royer. Her words healed the deepest wounds in my very heart. I was able to relate to what she wrote because, I had felt the very same way.
I have fallen in love with everything she has written, but there is a piece that stuck to me:
i wish i had asked you
to remember me.
truth is, i know
i’m the first one
you’ll forget

It really struck a cord in me, I am always forgotten by the ones I think of most.

Here are just a couple of my poems that were inspired by the great, Meggie Royer.

soft winds

i believed you were
a storm
that had come here
to stay
but i learned i was
when i felt you,
another soft wind
that eventually left


he was all i was seeking
i treasured him
when i found him,
but all i was for him was
yet another
disposable memory,
one that he can throw away
and never lay is very eyes on


The brilliant Meggie Royer taught me to turn my sadness into art, and that is exactly what I chose to do, and I recommend that others do too.

Piece by the beautiful Noam


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