Peice by Marley


Personally one of my favorite fall trends at the moment. “Slip” into one of these with a fur coat or a long sleeve shirt underneath for an effortless, “just left my mansion to walk my pet tiger” look. Iconic.


From Rihanna’s collection with Puma, the fashion gods have brought down this trend to add on with the athletic-leisure-street-style-just-got-back-from-my-local-boxing-ring concept that is going to be especially poppin’ going into the autumn season. Get with it.


Coming at you again with a heavily inspired Rih-Rih look. Pair these with any dressy outfit to get that futuristic-stripper look that everyone is going for nowadays. Can also be paired with a dressy outfit in order to obtain a balanced look, not falling over the “too dressy” line or the “under dressed drug dealer” line.


Chokers have been big since the 90’s, don’t get me wrong. However this season, you should get into the “layering-four-thousand-delicate-shiny-chokers/wannabe-rapper-who-ends-up-at-one-oak-at-the-end-of-the-night” look. Pair it with any outfit for an icier fit. Good luck girl!

In honor of the month’s theme, here is a poem about my muse

3:03 PM // you are my muse

i knew i could never have you

for your smile glimmers so brightly

and your laugh echoes throughout the darkest and most outer edges of the universe

to be with you would be flying to close to the sun

and it is only today, this afternoon

that i have truly realized how much being around you softened my edges,

and soothed my agitated thoughts

how whenever it rains,

i think of how you and i tried to build a fort in order to keep out the cold

how whenever it’s hot,

i think of how you and i dipped our feet in the pool and talked of the future, and who we would become

how as i sit here now,

discovering just how much you cloud my thoughts in every aspect of the phrase

and so i just sit here

listening to your old voicemails

and thinking of you


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