Dreamy artists that make you feel

For my November muses, I decided to write about my favorite artists because they are what help fill my mind with incandescent thinks.

The artist I admire most is Olivia Bee.

Olivia captures the pure and honest moments of youth; the ones that can never be recreated. She is the best artist that I know of who can do this, and the one who inspired me to have a similar goal in my own work. Although most of her shots are those that are taken in moments of raw truth, she also photographs editorial style, and manages to have a smilier mood even in the most posed photos. These are some of my favorites:


What a weird summer

Spitting image

The second artist I admire most is Chus Anton. There isn’t much I can say about him, but I appreciate the minimalist approach to his portfolio of works. I also love the mood in his photos, and how I can feel like I was there, in the moments he captures so brilliantly.

More photographers to check out:

Eleanor Hardwick 

Sandy Kim

Hana Mendel

Annie Noelker


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