To Be in (Almost) Love

an image of someone i want you to be by aly

i never thought of the beach as a terrifying place until i was lying in the sand with you at 3AM. Grape swisher smoke mixed with the wet salted air filled my lungs as my hands shook, struggling to keep the lit cigarillo between frostbitten fingers. your warm hands on my cold clammy skin felt like a freshly dried blanket. im so fucking scared. im so fucking scared that im falling in love with you but not the real you, the you i dream you are.

the wall by aly

i can’t see you anymore. there’s a thick cloud of fog filled with people. they laugh and snicker as if all you are to me is some sick joke. as if everything you’ve ever said to me is a fucking lie. if you really loved me you would run through the crowd and save us. but you just stand on the other side, blankly staring. can you even see me? I’m standing right here i’m right in front of you. run to me, let me hold you. i’ll let you hold me.

hi my loves, we kinda fell off the face of the earth for nearly a week due to personal issues and the PSAT prep. We’re back, and we love you more than ever! ~ aly


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