a lover wanted, a lover needed. 

i want to love and be loved. not the friendship platonic love I have so much of that but that only goes so deep. i want romantic love i want my warm body to squish against someone elses and feel safe and protected and loved. i want to be loved the way i always imagined to be loved. its 4am and i cant stop shaking and crying but you hold me tighter than ever thought humanly possible and whisper that its okay because you know my nightmares can get the best of me and that i just need someone to hold me. i want someones soft lips on mine or even cracked lips i dont fucking care i want someone to kiss it better i want someone to touch me and make me feel real i want to feel and i want to feel so intensely it takes my breath away. – Aly

hey my lovebugs! today is just a quickwrite on a gushy subject because we all need a little hope on this horrendous monday! i love you forever


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