A Guide to Women’s Safety

Hi guys! I really wanted to post this because I wanted these tips for my own personal reference, and I think it’s really important for you to read these too. With Halloween coming up, people tend to use it as an excuse to act out. Please read all the way through! – Gabi

– do NOT be afraid of involving the police at any point. even if you just feel like you’re being watched. ask them to walk you to your car if you’re alone and feel uncomfortable- you can never be too safe in these situations.

– be cautious when talking to new people, be careful of how much information you give them. (unless you’re meeting them through a friend you trust, or through work or whatever).

– if you’re alone, make SURE you have a charged cell phone.

– park in places that aren’t remote, and that don’t have places for a potential weirdo to hide.

– once in your car, don’t sit there and go on your phone or whatever. drive away as soon as you get in, or someone could open the passenger door. that happens sometimes

– if someone ATTACKS you, or asks for your bag chances are they want your money. just throw your bag in the other direction and RUN. Your goal is to make it out safe

– use your GUT FEELING when it comes to sensing an attacker. we often feel it when we’re watched- you can never be too careful!

– always carry pepper spray.


men looking for victims often look for women with long hair, usually ponytails for them to grab. they also look for people who don’t look like they’d fight back, they obviously don’t want you drawing attention.

if you are grabbed, SCREAM right away. make loud noises, and kick and hit your attacker. it’s honestly unrealistic to remember exact steps to how to escape an attackers hold, so it’s important to just kick and scream and attract attention for help.

pinch under their arm, kick them in the legs, NOTHING is off limits. your goal is to knock them off balance for long enough to run away. here are some links for helpful videos- i reccomend watching them!!!!





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