Ouija Experiences: Story Time

ouijiaTales of encounters with the other side, read at your own risk.

Alyssa’s Experience 

My cousin, her friend and I were messing around with this board a few days before this happened. It was working and I got scared but I still had doubts in my mind because I heard that your subconscious moves the planchette piece without you evening knowing but, this is how I know that’s bullshit. We set up the ouija board in my cousins bathroom so it would be quiet and we’d be able to turn off the light. We set everything up and we had a few lit candles next to the board. We all put our hands on the planchette and asked the standard “is anyone here” question. We waited for about 15 seconds and nothing was happening then all of a sudden we looked at the candles and it looked like someone was trying to blow them out but didn’t have enough strength. (Keep in mind that there was no wind at all.) We all looked at each other weirded out slightly, then all of a sudden a light turned on behind us. I turned around and saw that the bathroom scale turned on. I assumed someone accidentally hit it with their foot. We all took our hands off the board and went over to the scale. When I looked at it, it appeared to be measuring a weight. It looked showed up as “– – –” . I was so creeped out because I didn’t understand how it could be measuring a weight if no one was on it, but my cousin , her friend and I continued to watch it. After about 4 seconds it was finished “measuring” and the scale showed “-|-|_ “. It was jibberish for a few seconds then all of us screamed at the same time because we all realized simultaneously that the scale spelled out Y E S. Tt was answering our question. It felt like a horror movie I can’t explain it, we all said goodbye to the board and left the room. I spent the next hour looking up scale mechanics and messing with it to see if there was any way that it could’ve spelled out yes to make myself feel better. But there wasn’t anyway it could’ve happened by accident. Definitely something I won’t forget.

Joey’s experience 

Morgan’s experience
Last summer, I was sleeping over my friend’s house before we all had to go back to school. There was 4 of us in total. My one friend, Betsy, (not the real name to hide identity), had an Ouija board. It wasn’t the fake, plastic ones you can get from anywhere. She had the real, wood board. Her parents had had it since the ’70s. I was hesitant at first, I’m an extremely superstitious person. I don’t like messing around with “witchcraft” so to speak and the whole idea of it freaks me out. Anyways, she pulled it out and we began to play. My grandfather had recently passed away, so my friends urged me to “summon” him. I still have all the questions and answers written down. I didn’t believe in the Ouija board before, I always thought someone was pushing it. However, when I was talking to my “grandfather” or whoever it was, he was answering questions none of my friends knew the answer to. My grandfather and I had a saying we would say to each other all the time: “That’s it, Cheers.” We wrote it in our Christmas cards mostly. The last thing he said to me before he died was: “That’s it, cheers.” The board spelled out: “That’s it, cheers.” No lie. After that, we began speaking to another spirit named Victoria. She told us she was Betsy’s sister. Betsy did not have a sister named Victoria. Betsy went to ask her mother and found out for the first time that her mother had a miscarriage and never told her. The baby’s name was going to be Victoria. After that, I vowed to never play it again. It totally freaked me out, but my story did not end there. A few weeks later, I noticed small things happening in my house. The lights would turn on and off, I felt like things were being moved around. One morning, before I left for school I put my hat on my desk. When I came back, my hat was on my bed (nobody is home, I am the last one out and the first one in). It wasn’t until January of 2016, when things started to get weird. I have no idea if this has a link to the Ouija board but in my eyes, it does. My friend was sleeping over at my house one night, and the lights were turning on by themselves in the kitchen and the rocking chair was rocking by itself in the living room. We have also heard what sounds like footsteps coming up the stairs. I told my mother and that’s when she told me she had been experiencing weird stuff, too. My mother is very spiritual, so she burned sage, said some prayers and afterwards, I didn’t really notice it as much. There are still small things that happen surrounding my grandfather. His Hearn (a vase where his ashes are) sits on my desk, and sometimes his Hearn will rattle. Or my lights will flicker.
COVER ART BY: April Ramos

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