Hello October

Waking up on this first morning of October, there’s a feeling of comfort.

Maybe it’s because my best friend lay beside me singing a song or because my puppy is snoring, cuddled up to our feet. Or knowing that as soon as I hit post on this article ROSEBLOOD will become official. I don’t feel the need to introduce myself much as you’ll find out more about me as these next few months or years go on. For now, my name is Aly and I’m the Editor in Chief of ROSEBLOOD.

October to me is going to be late nights out in the streets with disposable cameras overflowing my jean jacket pockets. The loud rhythmic bangs of skateboards on asphalt and the high pitched yells of my friends who can’t land tricks for shit. What’s October to you? Is it the screams of your friends as you walk through the haunted mazes? Is it the smell of pumpkin candles creeping through your house? Is it the taste of popcorn balls and the rhythmic knife carving of jack-o-lanterns?

We are entering my favorite month of the year, one where I feel I belong with my strange hobbies and obsession with fake blood. I find myself trying to romanticize everything around me, but in reality I’m trying to find the beauty in everything I come into contact with. Make this month a time to let yourself grow and connect with friends on a deeper level. Share your darkest secrets, and your greatest fears. October is associated with all things scary and unusual, let those sides of you show. Everyone is so complex, hiding parts of yourself won’t help the people around you understand. Let them in. Let October be a time for risks and new connections. I’ll try as hard as you, and hopefully entertain you or inspire you as these month’s articles roll on.

all of the love,


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